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The Old Me That I Used to Be

Written by Logan Cubano



I don’t know what I am



Describes not them but me 



I wish I didn’t feel this way all the time 


That will always be a piece of me 

I cringe every time I hear that name 

But day after day it is always the same 

But today is the day 

Hopefully that you will change your way

Most days I can’t even stand being me 

Because deep inside my new name is who I am meant to be

Get out get out 

You don’t know what it’s like until people shout

I am always the one hurt 

But in my heart I feel burnt 

My family doesn’t accept me 

They don’t want to see the real me 

Instead they pretend to let it be 

I’m not valid. I’m just pretending. 

But in my opinion it’s all just depending 

This is not how it should be 

Instead They want me to lie to me 

It’s like they put me in the oven to bake.

But instead they got, a deprived and miserable cake.

Or maybe shattering glass 

Or trash they pass and pass 

Instead of appreciating the good things I feel shame

Especially since you won’t call me by my real name 

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