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Should've Been Queer Part 4: Tv Shows & Movies

We're back with our fourth installment of the biggest missed queer-portunities on TV and film! This episode: male characters in TV shows and movies that were TOTALLY queer.

10. Warren from Sky High

Totally a bi king! Look at the highlights!!

9. Neil and Todd from The Dead Poets Society

Who else felt the connection between these two??

8. Sam and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings

Definitely the epitome of gay road trip on TV.

7. Finn and Poe from Star Wars

The couple that everyone wanted but never got.

6. Nevel from iCarly

We all hated him but we can't deny that he belongs on this list.

5. Slater and Zack from Saved by the Bell

I know A LOT of people who wished they were queer. Maybe they were actually in love with each other all along??

4. Beck from Victorious

Both him and his girlfriend Jade gave off some MAJOR bi vibes. Who's with me??

3. Eric and Fez from That 70s Show

I could likely make the argument for almost everyone on this show, but these two in particular were SO not straight.

2. Ryan from High School Musical

We ALL knew it, which was what made it so upsetting that Disney didn't let it actually happen (I think they even had him with a girl at one point too??). They definitely could have given him a more appropriate love interest--Zeke, perhaps? Chad??

1. Batman and Robin

Surprise, surprise! This dynamic queer duo made it to the top of the list in both parts 3 and 4! Batman and Robin's relationship has had historically queer undertones and subtext, but especially in the homoerotic Batman Forever movie, which has gone down in history as an icon of queer subtextual filmography.

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