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Should've Been Queer Part 3: Tv Shows & Movies

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Ever get major queer vibes from girls on TV but your heart broke a little when you found out they were straight? Well, here's Part 3 to our list featuring some huge missed queer-portunities for female characters on the big screen. Let's see if you agree! Check out part 1 here.

20. Magenta from Sky High

Purple hair alert! She was totally bi.

19. Lily from Hannah Montana

Nobody who wears this many plaid bermuda shorts and beanies is straight. I don't make the rules!

18. Emily from Criminal Minds

Fun fact: Emily was originally written as a lesbian, but CBS rejected it and she was forced to become yet another cisgender heterosexual character.

17. Phoebe from Friends

Definitely gave off some queer hippy vibes, am I right?

16. Jenny and Kelly from Cadet Kelly

There was definitely some chemistry between these two and just WAY too many rainbows in this movie for it to be straight. Who remembers??

15. Mindy from Drake and Josh

Totally a power lez. Anyone else get this vibe? Was it the button ups? Her voice? The sarcasm? The vests? Her undying mission to outsmart the men in her school? (it was probably the vests)

14. Alex and Stevie from Wizards of Waverly Place

We all knew Stevie was totally queer, but Alex definitely gave off some vibes too. Who agrees?

13. Donna from That 70s Show

Do I even need to explain myself here? And if I'm being honest, I feel like the entire friend group in this show was queer. I said what I said!

12. Janis from Mean Girls

Okay, hear me out: I get that the whole "joke" was that Regina made fun of her for being a lesbian when she actually wasn't, but what if she actually was?? What if Regina and Janis had a thing in middle school and Regina was too afraid to admit it so she bullied Janis and Janis didn't want to out her (and even if she did nobody would believe her)?? What if, in the end, Janis and Regina ended up together?? This is some serious fan fiction right here but it makes sense!!

11. Moze from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

We all know that her and Suzie should have been together--just admit it Nickelodeon!!

10. Sam from iCarly

This choice seems to be a huge fan favorite. If we all know she was queer, then why not just let it happen?? C'mon, Nickelodeon, don't do this to us again! (and she TOTALLY should have been with Cat during the spin-off)

9. Mae and Doris from A League of Their Own

We all knew they were queer and we all wanted them together. They were literally played by Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell! In a women's baseball league! Hello???!

8. Jade from Victorious

The angsty, goth-ey bad@$$ that led to MANY a queer awakening.

7. Roberta from Now and Then

She beat up boys, protected her ladies, dressed how she dressed, was great at sports, TAPED HER BOOBS DOWN, and was literally played by Rosie O'Donnell in the present-day parts--and you're going to tell me she wasn't queer?? Grow up!! (also maybe Sam too?? maybe all of them????)

6. Darlene from Roseanne

ABC is wild for this one. She was SO gay.

5. Captain Marvel

This movie was so queer-coded. She wore a leather jacket, rode a motorcycle, and had a "best friend" with whom she "raised a child." Really, Marvel? Really?

4. Jo from Little Women

I always get sad when I think of Jo because deep down I know and you know and we all know that she was queer but she just wasn't allowed to be during the time that the book was written. Louisa May Alcott (the author of Little Women) wanted her to remain unmarried in the end (like herself), but she was pressured to marry her off, which was actually expressed Greta Gerwig's new remake of the film. This new version of the classic also left room for imagination in the ending, which Gerwig says that Alcott would have wanted. But, really, it's what we all wanted. (plus, I instinctively related to Jo growing up, so that should be proof enough)

3. Sarah from Cheaper by the Dozen

She was SO cool. Someone so many young queer girls saw in themselves! Should have been queer, FOX!!!

2. Haley from Stick It


You either wanted to be her or be with her--or both! The lack of discussion on her sexuality in this movie was such a MAJOR disappointment to all us young queer girls growing up. Queer coding to max with no satisfaction. Just makes me wanna aaksdfasdnfaskjlnfkasd!!!!!

1. Denise from The Cosby Show

My life, my queen, my first ever crush. Okay, I admit that I am completely biased and this is why she is #1 on the list--but can you blame me?? I mean look at her! She pulled off any hairstyle, any outfit, and she was steady giving THE LOOK. You know the one. The BIGGEST missed queer-portunity in my book!

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