Inspiring unity from a loft in the heart of Bridgeton

Prism Mag is an extension of Prism Club, a South Jersey LGBTQ+ youth support group operating out of Hopeloft in Bridgeton. Prism Club was created out of need by Hopeloft's Event Coordinator and Director of Operation South Jersey Hillary Nichols, in partnership with Stefanie Modri, a local nurse; Matt Lawrence, Program Director of Colt Connection and Co-Advisor of the Gay Straight Alliance Club at Cumberland Regional High School; and CASA of CGS's Cumberland County Advocate Coordinator Kari Vazquez. The club serves as a safe space for local LGBTQ+ youth to relax, have fun, and share their experiences with accepting and understanding members of the community. Prism Mag, created by Hopeloft's Creative Content Coordinator Annalisa Ciro, shares the same ultimate goal of supporting local LGBTQ+ youth. Our dedicated team look forward to the growth and evolution of our magazine in our community for years to come. 



Our goal at Prism Mag is to provide local LGBTQ+ youth with a safe space to share their work, talents, and passions with each other, while also learning, growing, and meeting different LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and allies through art in all its forms. Prism Mag is dedicated to affording LGBTQ+ youth a space where they can feel free to be themselves and express themselves without judgement. We are a family that accepts everyone, and we invite you to join! And remember: you are beautiful and you are loved.

"Don't dream it, be it" RHPS